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Nano Seal SP 25 is a 100% Waterproof Sealer for Concrete, Steel and other substrates. Nano Seal SP 25 will adhere to almost any surface it is applied on and it takes on the form of the substrate in a dense form that makes it waterproof even in the wet state. Nano Seal SP 25 has a SG (specific gravity) of between 0.75 to 0.8 and care should be taken not to spill it. Incase of a spill always keep sand available to kleen spillage emmediatly. Nano Seal reacts different on different surfaces and is slow drying but non-tacky when fully cured. Nano Seal is non-conductive and finds many uses in the electronic and electrical fields. Nano Seal must be applied on dry surfaces for the best results. Nano Seal can be diluted with turpentine in all proportions to suit your every need.

Nano Seal can be used as first coat, intermediate coat or final coat on any paint system. NB! Nano Seal does not bridge gaps