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Eco Viro 50 Sheen is an environmentally friendly Pure Acrylic coating with very low VOC levels of 0.72 g/l and is ideally suited for Interior and Exterior use. Contractors preferred. Eco Viro 50 Sheen gives 10 square meters per liter per coat covarage guaranteed on almost any surface. Features are the stain resistance , easy to clean, hard wearing but yet flexible coating that has delaid drying from the innside and cures outside first. Minimal paint loss incase of heavy rain makes this a must coating to use in conditions where rain appears out of the blue. This economical to use product has exceptional hiding power and at a retail price of R1300 per 20 liter will cost only R6.50 per coat of paint used.

The guarantee on this product if applied on a good surface is a minimum of 10 years. If overcoated with Nano Seal SP 25 you can be rest assured it will last more than 25 years. We know people buy colour and yes Nano Seal can be overcoated.