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Eco Viro Silk 55 is an environmentally friendly high sheen coating with very low VOC levels of 0.72 g/l and manufactured from a Pure Acrylic binder with excellent hiding power and spread rate. This product Eco Viro Silk 55 is extremely durable and flexible to give a high sheen that will last for many years on Interior and Exterior walls. Eco Viro Silk 55 will give a spread rate of a minimum 11 square meters per liter per coat. Like Eco Viro 50 Sheen this product has excellent insulation properties and a low dirt pick up. Eco Viro Silk 55 dries from outside inwards to retain its flexibility and toughness due to a superior binder used. This product and all other products in the Eco Viro range will dry or form a film in very low tempratures hence a preferred product range to our competators. Eco Viro Silk 55 and (Silk 60 on special orders from clients) is truly our flagship wall coatings.

Eco Viro Silk 60 will give 12 square meters per liter coverage per coat.

For the client that is happy with his choice of colour and hates to paint again, we recommend to cover it with Nano Seal SP 25 extra UV protection and washability.