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Etch 3 Metal Primer is a heavy duty industrial water-based metal primer with a low PH for proper penetration into new and old weathered steel. The 3 indicates a metal primer, rust inverter and converter all in one. Etch 3 Metal Primer is also availible as a Dipping Primer which is fast drying (3-10min) at 25 degrees Celcius and ready to handle in 20 minutes. It has the benifit of easy touch ups when damaged and does not peel or chip like a solvent-based primer. Etch 3 Metal primer is also our first coat applied at 20um on the tests conducted by Sancryl Laboratories. The SA2 shotblasted panels was put in a Crosshatch QUV chamber that gave us 6000 hours with no defects which is equal to 60 years.

Nano Seal SP 25 performed a very important function in achieving those results.