Nano Plaster King SP 40.pdf

Nano Plaster King SP 40

Nano Plaster King SP 25.pdf

Nano Plaster King SP 25 - Low Sheen solvent based coating self priming 100% waterproof and acid resistant.Very good hiding power in a 2 coat system. Various colours available and non-conductive.

Nano Plaster King SP 33.pdf

Nano Plaster King SP 33 - Mid Sheen


Eco Viro Dust - Dust suppression and Road stabilizing 

Nano Seal SP 40.pdf

Nano Seal SP 40 - Hydrophobic seal in a clear and selected colour range. This non-conductive product is the product of choice for roof applications. UV stable and keeps its flexabillity with excellent acid resistance over a wide range PH 13 down to 0,3. Flagship product status.

Nano Seal SP 35.pdf

Nano Seal SP 35 - Clear Coat and Coloured

Nano Pond and Dam SP 30.pdf

Nano Pond and Dam SP 30 - Hydrophobic sealer for Ponds & Dams in Clear or selected Colours

Eco Viro 30 Masonry Primer.pdf

Eco Viro 30 Masonry Primer - Low VOC primer that is waterproof

Nano Seal SP 33.pdf

Nano Seal SP 33 - Hydrophobic, non-conductive sealer available in clear and selected colours

Nano Seal SP 30.pdf

Nano Seal SP 30 - Hydrophobic, non-conductive sealer available in clear and selected colours for many applications

Nano Seal SP 2 Glass.pdf

Nano Seal SP 2 Glass - Hydrophobic seal to penetrate the microscopic pores of glass and steel. Conductive sealer

Nano Seal SP 5 .pdf

Nano Seal SP 5 - Hydrophobic, conductive sealer mainly used for cleaning substrates for powder coating applications

Nano Seal SP 10.pdf

Nano Seal SP 10 - Hydrophobic, conductive sealer that gives an almost matt finish for steel works but repels water from the substrate with deep penetration properties

Nano Seal SP 15.pdf

Nano Seal SP 15 - Hydrophobic, semi-conductive to 2000 Ohms sealer that is mainly used as a deep penetrating waterproof sealer for new concrete works to either give a natural cement look that blocks efflorescence forming on new building work. Will accept any Acrylic top coat as finish coat. 

Nano Seal SP 20.pdf

Nano Seal SP 20 - Hydrophobic, semi-conductive sealer to 2000 Ohs for the use in nano screed mixtures for a deep penetration and faster curing time that would bind two substrates together. UV resistant sealer to make old paint look new again on steel and walls to repel water and dirt.

Nano Seal SP 25.pdf

Nano Seal SP 25 - Hydrophobic, non-conductive sealer available in clear and selected colours. UV resistant and mostly used product for almost any surface and lab tested to 2500hrs on QUV with no defects. Can be used as primer, intermediate and final coat to make good paint perform better.

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