Sharl Bennie:
Lynton Property Services has used paints and coatings provided by KL Smith Technologies and Nanotec Coatings extensively for the past 13 years. These coatings are far superior to anything available in the marketplace today. I had such good success with these products that together with my family we have borrowed the technology from Kenny Smith and have set up a factory to produce the same products, under license to him. in the beautiful Valley of Kommetjie in the Western Cape.
I have so much faith in his products that I was prepared to invest my pension years into the future production and development of new products that we are presently working on.
The Nanotec range of products is a total game changer and brings new meaning primary coatings and the life expectancy of paint products, It makes the application process fool proof and reduces the skills requirements of the paint applicator. It simplifies the painting process, making it so much easier for the contractor and as long as the product is used somewhere in the application process you will be guaranteed of a much more durable coating.
NANO SEALERS are suitable for bonding to just about any substrate and can be overcoated with any good quality coating. We do however recommend our products to be used because we know that there is a high glue content in our paints and that there will be a perfect bond between the substrate and the final coat.
Spreadability of these products and square meter coverage is higher than any of the other products available, coverage is better than the others, thereby saving time and money. Very often you will get away with a one coat coverage. We do however recommend a two coat system to ensure a longer life of the coating, but sometimes the people are very satisfied with the finish of only one coat.
Using NANO SEAL onto old roof tiles and even faded steel roof coatings will enhance the colour of the roof and restore the roof to look like a brand new roof. It will seal the roof against the elements and waterproof the surface. The NANO SEAL is UV protected and therefore does not have to be overcoated unless you wish the change the colour of the roof.
NANO SEAL is not a varnish or similar sealer that sits on top of the surface which will biodegrade after a couple of years and need to be removed and recoated again, it is a small particle viscous liquid, that has deep penetrating properties, which allows it to become one with the substrate and it can not be removed once it has been applied. It is a permanent coating and can only deteriorate with the surface. To replenish the surface after many years will be as simple as cleaning off the dust and overcoating with NANO SEAL once again.
This magical product has captured my attention and that is why I have decided to throw everything that I have behind something that I truly believe in. I invite you to make contact with Kenny and let him explain the benefits you will receive by making the change. If you are in the Cape Town area you could naturally make contact with Rich Coatings and we will look after your most valuable asset from this side. Look forward to hearing from you.

Leon' Paint:


We at Leon’s Paint have been using paint supplied by KL Smith for a number of years on projects. What we found, and the reasons why we shall keep on using them is the quality and spread ability of the paint.
Used in conjunction with their NANOTEC COATINGS it becomes probably one of the most successful recipes for paint.
The amount of glue that is added to the paint gives it an unbelievable “sticking” strength, thus, the paint used on any surface will stick to it for many many years and keep the colour steady.
The service from the owner Mr. Kenny Smith is of very high quality and no requests seem to be too much and are met with courteous professionalism.
Colour matching is of a very high standard.
Nanotec Coatings have no trouble to visit any site to lend a helping hand and to provide on the job training, free of charge.
We therefore have no hesitation in recommending Nanotec Coatings for all your painting needs.

Leon Hefer


To: KL Smith of Nanotec Coatings I've been in the renovation game for over 20 years now. Moisture is and has always been a problem to my clients and a revenue source for me. Since I've been using Nanotec coatings products, I am able, with more confidence, to guarantee our workmanship even more giving my clients, the confidence they are looking for. In short the Nanotec Coatings range is simply like no other in the world. Owner of Tantito

ROOF PROJECTS - Referral Letter:



To whom it may concern:


ROOF PROJECTS have been using Nanotec Coating products for the last two years. We have found the product to be far more superior to the products that have been used in the past.


ROOF PROJECTS has completed numerous projects for corporate companies from waterproofing to painting of interior and exterior projects.


Projects using Nanotec Coating products –

Omnia Group

Eskom – Megawatt Park and Sunninghill

United Nations


JHI Property Management

Vukile Property Management

Stuttafords Group



I would therefore recommend Nanotec Coating products to all client in need of a durable, long lasting and well-priced product. Kenny Smith from Nanotec Coatings is very helpful in the event of technical information and after sales service.





Ruan Maartens


Projects Manager

076 900 2355



Desireé Norval:

To: KL Smith of Nanotec Coatings

I would like to congratulate you on your products.

I’ve got a wedding venue that was painted with various product in the past 4 years,

since it was built.

From the beginning I had problems with a salt type substance leaching through the plaster and paint.

I heard of NANOSEAL a few months ago, and since using that, my problem has disappeared.

I also used NANOSEAL in a pond and it looks beautiful and hold water. No more leaks.

I’ve been painting for many years, but my new discovery makes me very excited.

I recently painted with ECO VIRO 50 SHEEN and I can’t believe what a fantastic product it is. I painted on a very rough and textured wall, I used a brush and only needed ONE coat. I covers brilliantly, and the spread is equally remarkable.

I will never use any other paint in future, of that I am very sure.

Desireé Norval



To whom it may concern


This serves to confirm that KL Smith of Nanotec Coatings (Pty) Ltd has supplied me with paint in the past i.e. Nano seal (which I did not know), Eco Viro 50 Sheen, interior and exterior paints for a project of about three hundred square meters.

The Director Mr K Smith offers excellent service in that he provides technical advice that suits the client’s need before recommending the products that must be used for the wall. The products are of high quality.

He gives special attention to the client and ensures that the colour is produced to the satisfaction of the client. The hospitality and aftercare service is as well commendable.

Most of my family, friends and neighbours truly admire the type of paints I have used and some have

Requested his contact details and I have shared the contacts with them.

The word of mouth truly works as his products markets themselves.


Yours sincerely


N Jabosigo

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